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What happens if it rains?

If it rains enough to cancel the sleepover, the Slammers will do everything they can to reschedule. If there is a chance of rain, Slammers employees will keep scout leaders informed of any and all possibilities for the sleepover.

How do I make sure the sleepover is safe?

Anyone that purchases the sleepover package is issued a wristband. Only those with the correct wristbands will be allowed back into the stadium after it is cleared immediately following the game. The stadium is locked at night with appropriate Slammers staff on site.

What movie will you show?

The movie will be a kid-friendly movie, rated G or PG. The title of the movie is typically not chosen until the week of the sleepover. If you have a suggestion, please let your Slammers rep know when you book your troop.


  1. Tents may NOT be staked into the outfield
  2. No bug spray may be used on the field (please move to the seating area to spray. Bug spray will kill the outfield grass!)
  3. All tents must be taken down and all scouts must be out of the stadium by 8 am Sunday morning.


5:05 pm: Gates open to Slammers Stadium

5:15 pm: Scout parade around the field (meet at the top of the Right Field Lawn)

6:05 pm: Game starts

9:05 pm: approximate end of game, Kids Run the Bases, Stadium empties

             (Scouts and parents can leave to their cars to get sleepover gear)

9:45 pm: approximate time scouts can re-enter Slammers Stadium to begin set-up

10:00 pm: approximate time movie starts & popcorn/drinks are available

Midnight:  approximate time lights out

7:00 am: Breakfast begins

8:00 am:  All scouts must be out of the stadum

For additional questions, please contact the Slammers at (815) 722-2287.