The Joliet Slammers Celebrate a Successful 2022 Season

by Lauren Baca

JOLIET, IL - Coming in just over a month after the completion of the 2022 season, the Joliet Slammers are excited to report a successful 2022 season. This has been the first “normal” season after two years of pandemic-related limitations at Duly Health and Care Field. It was a season marked by an exciting team on the field, a strong attendance record covering the Frontier League schedule and a variety of additional events, and a continuation of the Team's strong record of community partnership.

For rookie Manager Dan Schlereth, this was a very competitive season that had the team in postseason wildcard position up until the end of August with a final record of 49-47. 

The Slammers celebrate the selling of two player contracts this season to Major League Affiliate Teams - right-handed Pitcher Kenny Ogg’s contract was purchased by the Arizona Diamondbacks and right-handed Pitcher and local native Chris Roycroft’s contract was purchased by the St. Louis Cardinals. In addition, former Slammers player Kaleb Ort celebrated his first Major League win and save with the Boston Red Sox.

Mid-season, left-handed Pitcher Cole Cook, right-handed Pitcher Cameron Aufderheide, and third-baseman Brylie Ware were voted on by the Frontier League and represented the Slammers at the Frontier League All-Star Game held in Washington, PA during the mid-July All-Star Break.       

Other honorable team mentions include Utility Player Matt McGarry and right-handed Pitcher Trevor Charpie. Matt McGarry earned Frontier League’s Player of the Week on May 30 after having nine hits, two runs scored, and 11 RBIs with two homeruns the week prior (May 23) and a performance that led to a .563 on-base percentage and .850 slugging percentage. Trevor Charpie earned Frontier League’s Pitcher of the Week on July 25 after an outstanding appearance post All-Star Break. His appearance against the Empire State Greys on July 22 solidified the nomination when he had nine strikeouts, no walks, no runs, and allowed only one hit. 

The Joliet Slammers aren’t just about baseball and family entertainment. They strive to give back to the community in a variety of ways. Some commonly recognized ways are being a venue for endless fundraising opportunities, and partnering with and supporting local businesses and organizations.  

The Slammers donated over 1,500 tickets (over $21,000) to local organizations and community groups during the span of the 2022 year. In addition, the Slammers helped even more local organizations and community groups fundraise more than $75,000 for their individual causes over the course of the baseball season.  

During the 2022 season, they brought over 137,000 people to downtown Joliet over the span of 51 home games at Duly Health and Care Field from May through the first weekend of September. This number does not include the over 10,000 visitors of community groups and organizations that host a variety of events at the stadium; including softball fundraisers, soccer tournaments, and more! 

Home runs at Duly Health and Care Field mean more than just runs and stats to the Slammers. 59 of the 103 home runs earned during the 2022 season were hit at Duly Health and Care Field, and for each home run at home the Slammers donate $50 to Duly Health and Care’s Charitable Fund which focuses on investing in solutions that improve the overall health of communities. This season the team raised $2,950 for the cause.  

In addition to donating to Duly Health and Care’s Charitable Fund, the team wore special 2022 Military jerseys presented by Duly Health and Care for their annual Military Appreciation Nights and their 4th of July celebration this season. These jerseys were auctioned off at the end of the final Military Appreciation Night on September 3, 2022 and raised $1,807 for the Abraham Lincoln Cemetery Memorial Squad.

The Joliet Slammers announced the 2023 schedule on October 3, and are looking forward to continuing to bring the community of Joliet together as they plan special promotional days, including fireworks nights, and building ever-stronger relationships with local businesses and organizations.     

To view the current 2023 schedule, visit today, and follow the team on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates and special announcements.              


The Joliet Slammers play at Duly Health and Care Field in downtown Joliet, Illinois, and are members of the professional, independent Frontier League.  The Frontier League is entering its 30th season of play in 2022.  It is the largest MLB Partner League with 16 teams spanning from the Mississippi River to the East Coast.  Visit the Slammers online at or call the ticket office at 815-722-2287 for more information! Don’t forget to “Like” the Slammers on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at @jolietslammers!

The Frontier League of Professional Baseball is an official Partner League of Major League Baseball and the largest of its kind in professional baseball. The Frontier League features 16 teams and has moved over 1,000 players to MLB (Major League Baseball) Teams in its 29-year history. Please visit