Aufderheide Stellar, Slammers Derby Win Ties Series

by Lauren Rhodes

JOLIET, IL - Cameron Aufderheide took the hill tonight for the Slammers as game two of the Slammers/ThunderBolts series got under way. Going into tonight's game Windy City had a one game lead over the Slammers. A win for Joliet tonight would have game three be the deciding factor for the series win. After the game being tied up in the ninth and in the 10th, the Slammers would come up big when the game went into a home run derby. Joliet put 7 homers over the wall for the win. 

A scoreless game occurred until the bottom of the fifth inning when the Slammers put two runs on the board, giving them a 2-0 lead after four scoreless innings. Dave Matthews advanced to second in his at bat allowing Jackson Dvorak to score. Matthews was caught in a 4-3 play resulting in the second out of the inning. An RBI single hit by Scott Holzwasser would score Jordan Rathbone. Holzwasser would advance to second on the throw attempting to catch Rathbone at the plate. 

The top of the eighth inning would see a call to the bullpen for the Slammers. Righty Kaleb Honea came into the game releiving Cameron Aufderheide. Aufderhide would see seven innings on the hill, letting up only two hits from the 29 batters he faced. 

The top of the ninth inning would see the ThunderBolts come back to tie the game at 2-2. A two run home run by Zac Taylor would score Rob Weissheier, who got on base after being hit by a pitch. The late comeback put the pressure on the Slammers going into their at bat in the bottom of the ninth. The two runs from Windy City wold take the game into extras for the second night in a row. 

In the ThunderBolts’ turn at the plate in the 10th they chalked up one run for a 3-2 lead. A sacrifice hit by Brynn Martinez drove Rayton Robertson in to score. 

The Slammers put up a run in the bottom of the 10th to tie the game up at 3-3. A sacrifice hit by Kyle Jacobsen wold make way for Tyler Depreta-Johnson to cross the plate. The tying run sent the game into a home run derby. 

The home run derby saw the Slammers come out on top with seven home runs to the ThunderBolts’ one. Brylie Ware hit two long balls over the left field fence to give the Slammers a 2 home run lead after the first round of at bats. Rob Weissheier would hit the only home run for Windy City in their second at bat. Carson Maxwell would step up to the plate for Joliet in their second at bats and send five long balls over the fence putting the Slammers on top 7-1. The third round hitter for Windy City, Dan Robinson came up short hitting zero home runs, giving the Slammers the win. Tonight’s win tied up the series 1-1 and put Joliets’ season record at 28-47.

Join us for the next home game on Sunday, August 22nd at 1:05 p.m. Sundays game will be the final game of the Slammers v. Thunderbolts series. 

About the Joliet Slammers: The Joliet Slammers play at DuPage Medical Group Field in downtown Joliet, Illinois.  They will play their 10th season in 2020.  Visit the Slammers online at or call the office at 815-722-2287 for more information.  Don’t forget to “Like” the Slammers on Facebook at or follow them on Twitter at @jolietslammers and Instagram at @jolietslammersofficial